The Black Hole Movie Wikia

These poor creatures are what's left of the crew. Kept alive by means I don't pretend to understand.
―B.O.B. revealing the identities of the Humanoids

The Humanoids were cloaked figures that used to be the original crew of the USS Cygnus until Hans Reinhardt had their wills taken away and became things he could command.


When Reinhardt ignored the orders to return home, the crew turned to Frank McCrae, the only officer they trusted most. When they tried to commit mutiny, the crew were captured by the Sentry Robots and were lobotomized, turned into humanoid robots dressed in cloaks and faceless masks. Without their wills, they became robots Reinhardt could control.

When the crew of the USS Palomino came aboard, Reinhardt informed them the crew abandoned ship and he stayed behind. However the crew noticed human behavior from the Humanoids. Captain Dan Holland witnessed them preform a ceremony with the ritual and honours of a human funeral. Harry Booth noticed something about the Humanoid gardener when he looked at him. He even saw him walk with a limp. There suspicions were confirmed when B.O.B. showed V.I.N.CENT the hospital and what was left of the crew.

As the Cygnus was on the edge of destruction, the Humanoids did nothing but stay at their posts, they didn't even bother to save Reinhardt when he cried for help. He had reprogrammed them too well, and that aided in his downfall.

In the eerie 'Hell' scene at the climax, as the morbid, grotesque mutant combination of Reinhardt/Maximilian watched from the top of a volcanic hill, hellish paths and valleys were full of the spectres of the mindless humanoids, slowly moving past as the (assumed) wreckage of the doomed USS Cygnus burned in the pit.