Captain Dan Holland is the captain of the USS Palomino.


Serving as captain of the Palomino he takes his position with serious responsibility and concern for the crew's safety. Although he denied Charlie Pizer to go out and rescue V.I.N.CENT he still had a soft spot for the little guy even though he isn't human.

When they came aboard the USS Cygnus and met Hans Reinhardt, he already felt uneasy towards the lone scientist but took his word for what happened to his crew (at the time.) While Dan, Charlie and V.I.N.CENT went to get parts to repair the ship, he decided to snoop around. He discovered a lot of empty cabins where the crew would normally sleep and witnessed the Humanoids preform a human like funeral which made him feel more suspicious.

The crew's suspicions were soon confirmed when B.O.B. told them what actually happened to the crew. He was going to see if they could try and save the crew from Reinhardt's control until B.O.B. told him it was too late for them, so instead he ordered his crew to return to the Palomino.

When they heard Dr. Durant was killed and Kate McCrae was being taken to the hospital, Dan went out to rescue her accompanied by V.I.N.CENT and B.O.B. The three engaged the Sentry Robots and even without a weapon he managed to take on one by hand and saved Kate before being turned into a robot.

When Harry Booth tried to escape with the Palomino and got blown up in the process, Dan and his remaning crew made a run for the Probe Ship and managed to escape the Cygnus only to find out the ship was programmed to journey into the black hole.


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