Lieutenant Charlie Pizer is the First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Palomino.


It is possible that Pizer is the youngest member of the Palomino crew because of his feisty ego and wanting to rush into the excitement. He's often left in charge of guarding the ship while the rest of the crew go out investigating. It is shown he has a phobia for black holes, every time he sees one he expects to see a devilish figure hence the belief that beyond the hole is a land of hell.

His relationship with V.I.N.CENT is kind of like having a know it all big brother who bugs him with facts and getting the last word. However like the rest of the crew he too has a soft spot for the little robot, he almost risked his own life to go out and rescue him. He also appears to be a sharpshooter when he takes the Sentry Robots by surprise.


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